Dr Morton's - Guys Travel Pack for seniors (over 50)
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Guys Travel Pack© for seniors (over 50)

Guys Travel Pack for seniors

We cover the most common issues experienced by more mature travellers abroad.

With Dr Morton's - the medical helpline© you can email or phone a real doctor at any time for more information, reassurance or advice. Our doctors may decide to call you in advance of your trip to discuss whether you have everything you need for your planned destinations.

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Guys Travel Pack© for seniors

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Fungal infection to groin or toes

Fact: 'Jock itch' is common in hot humid climates as is athlete's foot.

Your pack contains the antifungal Fluconazole to kill off the infectious fungal growth which can appear in the groin or between your toes, while the prescription-only Canesten HC cream relieves the itchy symptoms.

Infected skin rash or insect bite

Fact: Smells and bright colours attract insects.(1)

In hot and sweaty climates it is easy for cuts, rashes or insect bites to become sore and infected. Fusidic hydro cream is an antibiotic and an anti allergy medicine that can be applied in all these situations.

Travellers' diarrhoea

Fact: Up to 90% of Europeans will get bacterial diarrhoea whilst in developing countries.(2)

For diarrhoea and vomiting your pack contains three courses of Ciprofloxacin to deal with the cause, and Domperidone and Loperamide to treat symptoms. Rehydration sachets replace the chemicals that are lost with diarrhoea or vomiting.

Indigestion, heartburn and constipation

Fact: Heartburn and indigestion may feel similar but are not the same.(3)

Gaviscon advance to protect from heartburn and omeprazole to stop the stomach making acid, which causes indigestion. Macrogol oral powder sachets to mix in water and drink for constipation or glycerine suppositories to insert anally if you are having particular difficulty passing hard stools.

Ear, nose, throat and bacterial chest infection

Fact: There are two main types of chest infection. Acute bronchitis and pneumonia.(4)

Use Clarithromycin tablets to treat the bacterial chest infection. Otrivine drops as a decongestant for sinus congestion and pain, and for severe nasal congestion especially before flights.

Hay fever or other allergic reaction

Fact: The prevalence of food allergies is higher in paediatric than adult populations.(5)

Cetirizine tablets is an antihistamine used to treat allergic conditions such as allergic rhinitis, hay fever and urticaria. This helps reduce the symptoms of allergies such as redness, itching and swelling.


Fact: These can be used together as they work in different ways and can be complementary.(6,7)

When you need something stronger than Paracetamol we supply Naproxen for the most commonly reported travel problems such as; headache, toothache, muscle and backache.

Optional extras

Persistent diarrhoea £10

Fact: Take treatment for giardia if still having diarrhoea after 10 days despite antibiotics.(8)

Giardia is a different cause of diarrhoea which is common in areas with poor water hygiene and needs specific treatment. If your diarrhoea is persistent after recommended treatments, take Metronidazole - but do not take with alcohol.

Travellers' diarrhoea in South East Asia £25

Fact: Prompt treatment with the right antibiotic reduces severity and duration of diarrhoea.

In Southeast Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos etc) and the Indian subcontinent, Azithromycin is the recommended treatment for diarrhoea. Two courses are provided in case of recurrence. Please note that Azithromycin does not have a licence for this indication even though it is commonly prescribed by doctors as the antibiotic of choice in this clinical situation, recommended in the Hospital of Tropical medicine’s review in the BMJ and supported by authoritative research from Hill and Beeching.(9)

Cold sores and herpes £10/£15

Fact: If the condition spreads to the eyes, it can damage vision.(10)

Aciclovir cream (£10) can be applied to the face and mouth to prevent the spread of cold sores. Further attacks or more severe attacks can be alleviated by prompt use of Aciclovir tablets (£15). Please note that Aciclovir only has a licence for herpes prevention in people whose immune systems are compromised, but it is routinely prescribed by doctors for people who are very prone to herpes breakouts under stressful circumstances or sunlight. Ask for more information if you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How big is the pack; I am already worried about space in my bag?

A: The pack is a similar size to a standard wash bag. You can always take the medicines out of their boxes - but you must keep the original packaging (squash them flat) both for customs and for repeat prescriptions.

Q: I already have a first aid kit, why is this necessary as well?

A: This is not a first aid kit alternative. The Guys Travel Pack© for seniors is specifically designed for the specific problems men are most likely to suffer from while abroad. A first aid kit is mainly for dealing with minor injuries.

Q: Can I travel through customs with the medicines?

A: Yes, it is perfectly legal to travel through customs with medicines that have been specifically prescribed for you. Ensure you always keep the original packaging with your name on it.

Q: How soon does the pack arrive after I have ordered it?

A: The pack will arrive the next day as long as you place your order before 10am. You will receive an email as soon as it is dispatched along with a tracking number. Alternatively, log in to your personal portal at any time to retrieve the number.

Q: What if the doctor decides not to prescribe?

A: Don't worry, if we are unable to prescribe you will not be charged. If you have already been charged, a refund will be issued. If after reviewing your answers a doctor decides that it is not appropriate on medical grounds to prescribe one or more of the multiple items within the pack but that the pack without this item or items is nevertheless worthwhile, the doctor may at his sole discretion proceed without this item or items and no balancing charge will be made for this additional service or advice, which will be recorded in the doctors notes, nor for any item or items excluded. The doctor may, on occasion, recommend alternative medicines within the doctors notes. Such bespoke items may be requested by email to a GP. With Dr Morton’s Travel Pack© the first email to the doctor is free.

This page was last updated on 30/05/2017


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