Sports injuries advice
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Sports injuries advice

Repair sports injury

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Sport injuries management

'Sport' covers a myriad of activities, involving anyone from the seriously competitive athlete, to the weekend warrior, to the occasional participant or country walker. All are at risk of injury for which advice may be needed for management and rehabilitation and to prevent further or recurrent injury.

Injuries might be

All of the initial treatment needs mentioned above are in the Dr Morton’s Sports Injury Pack©

Despite their vast knowledge base, many GPs are not trained in specialist sports and exercise medicine (SEM), and an urgent enquiry may be needed. Our doctors can give you advice on all of the above, and many more sporting issues, if necessary with the added help and guidance of specialists in the field.

When you should contact a doctor

You should contact a doctor if you believe an injury is more than a simple bruise or cut, and if the function of any limb or joint is limited and/or painful. Early correct management can make the difference between early or delayed return to activities, or even return at all. Many simple treatments are cheap and easily available such as ice, but others such as strapping need expert advice, as provided in the Dr Morton’s Sports Injury Pack©.

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