Dr Morton's Prescription for blocked waxy ears
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Dr Morton's Prescription© for blocked waxy ears

£10.00 dispense

Dr Morton's Prescription© for blocked waxy ears


  • Pipette
  • Bottle
  • Olive oil ear drops

for ease of application

The sterile olive oil mixes with the hard ear wax to loosen it and assist your ear with the natural process of expelling the wax.

Dr Morton’s Prescription© is a simple convenient olive oil dropper in a bottle kit.

How to insert olive oil into the ear canal.

  1. Instillation of drops is best done by another person.
  2. Warm the olive oil by placing the closed bottle in warm water for a few minutes. Dry the container and insert one drop of oil onto your hand to ensure that it is not too hot. If you feel the oil is too hot, wait for it to cool before commencing.
  3. Holding the prepared dropper bottle lie on a bed with the affected ear towards the ceiling.
  4. With one hand pull on the top of your ear (the pinna) upwards and outwards to straighten the ear canal.
  5. Fill the dropper part of the bottle [pipette] with oil and check that there is no air in the tip end. Place the pipette over the entrance to your ear canal and insert 3-4 drops into the ear canal.
  6. Remain lying, lift and wiggle the pinna, then massage the tragus, which is the firm curved bit of your ear next to your cheek which you would push on it you wanted to ‘block your ears so you couldn’t hear anything’.
  7. Remain lying for 5-10 minutes. Wipe any excess drops that pool outside the ear when you sit up with tissue. Do not insert cotton wool into the entrance of the ear canal as this will absorb the drops.
  8. If the drops are to be inserted into both ears, repeat steps two to six on the opposite side.
  9. Repeat the olive oil insertion 2-3 x per day, for a minimum of 5-7 days.
  10. The ear[s] should be re-examined after 7 days to consider if any further intervention is required.

* NB: It is normal for the hearing to diminish slightly as the wax expands.

* The lining of the ear canal and the ear drum are very delicate and can be damaged easily. Never poke anything into your ears in an effort to clean them. Cotton buds, hairgrips or matches, can easily damage the delicate lining or even burst the eardrum. Using cotton buds to try to clear wax is likely to make things worse, as wax is pushed back against the ear drum and becomes more impacted.

* Once the wax has been successfully cleared, instilling 3- 4 drops of oil into your ear once or twice a week will keep the ear canal lubricated and help prevent further build-up of wax – this is especially beneficial for those who use hearing aids.

* If the use of olive oil is unsuccessful in removing the wax, sodium bicarbonate 5% drops can be tried instead. Sodium bicarbonate ear drops may cause dryness of the ear canal.


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