Dr Morton's Sports Injury Pack
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Dr Morton's Sports Injury Pack©

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Dr Morton's Sports Injury Pack©

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A solution to the most common injuries experienced by sports and exercise participants, including medication, and strapping with detailed advice on how to effectively apply it for significant joint and ligament injuries. The Dr Morton's Sports Injury Pack© contains:

  • germolene as an antiseptic ointment for abrasions
  • steristrips and non-adhesive dressings for immediate use for skin wounds
  • flucloxacillin, an antibiotic to treat infected wounds or infected insect bites
  • topical 10% ibugel and the oral anti-inflammatory naproxen for any ligament, joint or muscle injury, with omeprazole for prevention of, or relief from, any indigestion
  • compeed patches for application to blisters
  • Canesten HC for fungal infections of the feet or sweaty areas
  • strapping tapes for effective strapping of injured joints or ligaments, with detailed advice on how to apply it
  • cool pack instant cold pack to apply to apply to sprains, strains and bruises

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