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Frequently asked questions - Missing e-mail

If your e-mail does not arrive immediately, the first thing we would suggest is that you make a cup or tea or coffee and look again in five minutes. Although our e-mails are sent within milliseconds, an e-mail goes through many servers and routers before it gets to you, and these can cause small delays.

Not getting email from Dr Morton’s?

There can be several reasons why you are not receiving emails from Dr Morton’s. If you aren't getting these emails then please check the following

How your email providers filtering system works

When someone sends you an email, it first it arrives at your email providers mail server (eg btinternet.com, yahoo.com, hotmail.com, gmail.com, msn.com, etc) where their system filters it by scanning it and checking it for spam. If the email looks legitimate, they then deliver it to your inbox. But, if their filter suspects that the email might be junk, it places it in a separate "junk" folder where you can go in later and review it to decide for yourself if you want to receive it or not. Below, we’ve listed instructions on how to whitelist (allow emails) for the most popular types of email programs. For email programs that run on your PC as well (i.e. Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook), please see your programs help files for adding the Dr Morton’s email domain @drmortonsmail.co.uk to your address book.

Whitelist Instructions (alphabetically)